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Tree Felling

For various reasons it might be necessary to remove a tree down to ground level. This work involves the careful lowering of branches and timber so as not to cause damage or destruction to surrounding plants and structures. The stump will be left as close to the ground as possible but will be above soil level.

There are two ways to do this :

Directional Tree Felling : Where space and safety permit, a tree can be felled in one piece.

Dismantling (Section Felling) : Very often space is limited and the tree must be taken down piece by piece. If the area below the tree is clear and free from obstructions, cut branches can simply be allowed to fall. When branches are too large or heavy for the climber to hold and throw clear, or obstructions prevent their 'free falling', then lowering ropes must be used.

Tree Felling Legislation
To ensure that tree felling is carried out for the right reasons, it is subject to two main pieces of legislation which act as a control and check on most tree felling operations.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) are used by the local Councils to safeguard landscape and amenity. They can be applied to woodlands as well as to single trees or groups of trees. They can cover trees of any size. Permission must be sought to carry out any type of work on the trees. Even building work near protected trees which may cause a significant impact on their health will need permission.

Aberdeenshire Tree Specialists can check this information on your behalf, to check with your local authority if there is a Tree Preservation Order on the trees to be felled or if the trees are in a Conservation Area.

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