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We ensure we recycle and re-use as much timber, logs and woodchip as possible, and as such offer to our clients the opportunity to purchase fire logs and garden woodchip. We can deliver logs, timber and woodchip throughout Aberdeenshire at your convenience. Please contact us with your requirements.

We all use energy to heat and power our home and can all therefore benefit from woodfuel. Here at Aberdeenshire Tree Specialists if we are felling a tree on site we can arrange to cut your logs to your needs, or we can deliver logs direct to your home from our storage facility. Please contact us for prices and availability.

Wood chips

We can supply fresh woodchip, produced from mixed deciduous and coniferous branch material, bark and leaves, processed and matured at our yard facility, suitable for equestrian, horticultural and path surfacing purposes. Avoid the regular chore of weeding by spreading a layer of our mulched woodchips around your shrub areas, flower beds and around the base of trees, mulching to suppress weeds. Woodchip also helps to retain moisture in the soil especially in the dry summer months, use as a soil improver and conditioner - plus it gives that natural 'forest floor' effect.

Our freshly cut woodchips are ideal for children's play areas, paths, driveways, barbecue areas, dog runs, horse exercise areas and are great for covering muddy bits (regularly seen at most outdoor shows when the ground is wet!) A natural product with no added chemicals or preservatives. As a mulching material 1m3 should be used to cover 10m2 to a depth of 10 cm.

Please contact us for sample, prices and availability.

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